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Need to fix my “Give A F***.”

Past couple years have not been conducive to writing. This last 18 months especially. Need to kick myself in the ass and actually write though, need to get back into the saddle and just do it even the days I don’t want to. Especially the days I don’t want to. That goes for doing my job,taking care of my home and vehicles, eating better, and exercising too. I’ve let a lot of things slip through the cracks because my give a fuck was busted.

Well it’s time to fix it.

For too long I let things that have gone wrong in my life and certain losses lie to me and tell me it’s okay to shut down and not do anything not care. To those that I’ve made promises that have kinda slipped by I’m sorry. I wallowed, and just as I was ready to get out of the wallow something else would come by and give me an excuse to sink back in and wallow more. I’m a grown man with responsibilities I need to tend to them, I need to tend to the obligations I’ve made.

If I’ve made a promise or a commitment and have not followed through and there is still time for me to do so let me know sorting out the mess I’ve allowed myself to make of everything will take time and left to trying to find it I may take a bit considering how horribly unorganized I’ve been for the past couple years.


Stage One Take 2 – Accountability Day One

Accountability – Actually writing – right now I’m just trying to get in the writing habit again and posting scraps here for accountability.

Did this in about 23 Minutes and change on 519 words

Ember couldn’t believe her ears she listened tot he message again.  “Ember your mother is in the oven.  Please do not attempt to open it.  I am sorry it is too late.”  The recording repeated itself yet again “Ember you mother is…”  Ember let the phone fall from her hand and ran.  The facility they would have taken her mother to was not far away she might be able to make it in time.  She bolted past the armed guard on duty at the building’s entrance.  She placed her hand on the scanner port at the far end of the lobby.  She waited breathlessly as the light changed from an angry red to a sickening green.
A klaxon sounded and a mechanical voice droned from the speakers.  “Please hold burn scheduled for unit seventy-six.  Please hold burn scheduled for unit seventy-six.  Next of kin has arrived for unit seventy-six.  Please hold burn scheduled for unit seventy-six.”
A young clerk came over to Ember.  “Kin for Mrs. Amelia Young?” she asked cheerfully.
Ember stared at the young woman standing in front of her not able to believe her ears.  “You are about to cremate my mother alive?  How the fuck can you be so peppy and cheerful?”
The clerk ignored the question.  “You are here for Amelia correct?” the clerk’s smile never faltered and she did not miss a beat.
Ember glared at the little bitch.  “Yes I am here for Amelia.  She’s my mother.  why are you doing this?  I checked on her this morning she was fine.  She is still fine.”
The clerk frowned and stepped away from Ember.  “You say you had contact with Mrs. Young today?”
Ember snapped at the clerk.  “Yeah I had a video chat with her before I went to work she was fine.  Tired but fine.”
“No physical contact though right?”  the clerk was nervously fidgeting with her badge.
“I have not been over to ma’s house for a month.  With work the way it is lately I just can’t get the time.  But I do a video chat with her three times a day.  She was fine this morning.”
“No she wasn’t.”  The clerk seemed apologetic now.  She also stopped playing with her badge.  “Your mother was infected.  We have to do a burn.  We can give you twenty minutes grace in the visitor cubicle but that’s all.”
“Looks like an infected wasp may have gotten in her apartment.  Looks like the infection started at the base of her neck.  She wasn’t tired. She’s undead.  Or more correctly she will be by morning.”
Ember fell to her knees.  Her mother was infected.  The burn had to be enforced.  The clerk took Ember to the visitation cubicle for burn unit seventy-six.  Her mother sat calmly on the other side of the glass.
“Ma who called on you?”
Amelia Young looked her only surviving daughter in the eye and wept.  “I did dear.”

It has Begun.

Okay been a while no excuses – I’ve just been busy and got distracted -500 Writer points for me. (as in negative/ minus points)

My new attempt at a novel has begun – Not very far into it haven’t even completed a scene finally found a starter opening.  Whether it remains as the opener or ends up changing later on time will tell.

Still working on hammering out my short story challenges to myself.  Still hammering out time to read as well as write.  but Accountability needs to start sometime.  And I’ve procrastinated long enough letting everything else come before my writing.  Well that keeps me in the wannabe column not the writer column I need to stop wanting to be and start doing.

First words for the Novel Attempt have been placed down in word… when budget nazi allows me I’ll upgrade to scrivener for windows – though in the interim I may jump over to space jock’s ywriter.

I may start going to the library after work for an hour or so a couple times a week so I can avoid the guilt trips I get for not playing with my youngest who barely gets to see me because of a 8.5 hour workday and a roughly 2.5 to 3 hour commute (each way leave about 5 am get home about 6:30 pm)

Back to accountability – Going to try to get back on the ball

Goals – Long Form >= 1667 words >= 5x / Week; Short Form 3 Shorts / week; Idea Bank 5 Ideas / day >= 4x/week; Short Story Challenge 1x week.

Goals means that’s where I want to end up at during this stage not where I’m starting at. Now for the mean time I think I’m going to attempt to start Short Story Challenge 1x Week, and >= 500 words 3x/week then build from there to meet my goals.

Which brings me back to my short story challenge and the details.  Still trying to figure out exactly how I want to handle that.  So in the meantime I’ll just attempt to get one posted each week until I can figure out a way to put the challenge more in the hands of others than me challenging myself.

Ass In Chair – Accountability and Weekly Challenge.

Greeting and hallucinations it’s been too damned long and it’s time to get off my ass and start posting again and working on my accountability.


Here’s my Current Goals


Long Form – 1667 Words a day 5x a week

Short Form 3 Shorts a week

Idea Bank 5/day 4x per week


I’ve Gotten a couple more Ideas over to the fine folx at Every Photo Tells One has been recorded and lets hope the other is up to muster and I’ll try to get a few more done before their Hiatus ends.  Which brings me to my next project.  In order to keep my ass motivated I need harassment and challenge that’s where I call on you.  If you’re interested in helping me please comment below.


I’m going to start doing a weekly Short Story Challenge.  Get a prompt and see what I can dash out.  I need to sit down and figure out what would be a fair challenge.  Word count, rating, etc.

I need Cheerers and I need Jeerers to prod my ass into getting shit done.  I don’t expect you to blow sunshine up my ass but I don’t need you to hand me my ass wrapped in a pretty pink bow with the word candy scrawled across it in pink frosting.


No excuses about the past it’s past.  I need to keep my head in the present and look to the future, and keep the past in mind to make sure I don’t fall in the same traps.  If you wish to help keep me accountable let me know here and harass me on twitter RAsplundJr!/Rasplundjr

Some out there have my email address and they can harass me there too.

I’ll try to post at the very least twice a week once with my progress about sticking to my goals (and face it it’s going to take time to get up to speed) and once to post up my weekly challenge.

For those that will help keep me on task and participate in this endeavor I say thank you in advance.  To those that choose not to hey no hard feelings, thanks for taking the time to read the post and if you read further updates hope you enjoy.


Not an Excuse – An Explanation and an apology.

Yeah I was supposed to come back strong this summer and get my chubby ass back on track and it didn’t happen.  Without going into details, Life got in the way I had decisions to make between writing and crits vs life drama, and sadly drama won.  Some of it was important, some of it was crap that I should have just brushed aside and gotten back to work but at that point I was so thoroughly out of the habit that it was far easier to just flop on the couch and daze than think.

For that I apologize.  I get distracted very easy, and if I’ve been away from things too long drop me a line and bust my chops about when the next post / review / pimpage is coming out.

I do plan on getting back on track both with Pimpage, and my Accountability.  Summer kinda sucked my will to be responsible this year and that’s not an acceptable excuse, I’m sorry that I let laziness creep in and hold sway this summer all I can say is I will do my best to keep up  with my responsibilities that I undertook of my own free will.  Nobody made me start a blog but I really do need to keep up with it.

Harrass me at @RAsplundJr on twitter or here on the blog when I start slacking.


Okay If you’re reading this you either stumbled upon it or were one of the Volunteers to try to hold me accountable to write my fiction.  Random Pimpage posts don’t count here, updates don’t count here only my fiction.

If you plan on helping THANK YOU.  If not feel free to browse around and check things out.

This is not a place to critique what I’m writing.  This is my everyday NaNoWriMoesque attempt to get my ass writing and keep my ass writing.

Bug me Pester my ass Harrass me to publish content here.

Stage one – Starting now – Posting at least 3 times a week no closer than 18 Hours apart at least 500 Words a day.

Stage two – Starting ??? – Posting at least 5 Times a week no closer than 10 hours apart at least 500 Words per day

Stage three – Starting ??? – Posting 5 times a week no greater than 36 hours apart 1000 words a day.

Further stages will be added if / when needed.

Word counts need not be all part of the same story, though it is preferable that each posting be a single story line.