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Personal Life

Catching Up

New gig is requiring a new set of skills a couple new programs and a whole different level of understanding policies…


Basically I’ve been spending free time that is devoted to family to figuring out the rest of the stuff I need to do the gig right…  I’m likely to still be hip deep at least for April, Will try to have another submission ready for Every Photo Tells since they did give me a sneak peak at the next photo…  My short story challenge is on hold until I can tame the professional overlap into my personal time but every new gig requires sacrifice.


Slight Delay in accountability

Work stuff – Trainer Position opened up internally, and as a non employee contractor I’d really like to get in with the firm so I’ve been studying my ass off prepping for the interview which is today at 3:30 PM CDT –

Regular updates and return to writing should ensue tomorrow – but if I get the gig will likely be put on hold until I get up to speed with the day gig.

Not an Excuse – An Explanation and an apology.

Yeah I was supposed to come back strong this summer and get my chubby ass back on track and it didn’t happen.  Without going into details, Life got in the way I had decisions to make between writing and crits vs life drama, and sadly drama won.  Some of it was important, some of it was crap that I should have just brushed aside and gotten back to work but at that point I was so thoroughly out of the habit that it was far easier to just flop on the couch and daze than think.

For that I apologize.  I get distracted very easy, and if I’ve been away from things too long drop me a line and bust my chops about when the next post / review / pimpage is coming out.

I do plan on getting back on track both with Pimpage, and my Accountability.  Summer kinda sucked my will to be responsible this year and that’s not an acceptable excuse, I’m sorry that I let laziness creep in and hold sway this summer all I can say is I will do my best to keep up  with my responsibilities that I undertook of my own free will.  Nobody made me start a blog but I really do need to keep up with it.

Harrass me at @RAsplundJr on twitter or here on the blog when I start slacking.

Weight Loss

This isn’t a Random Pimpage so I’m not gonna drop it there- though Technically I guess this should go on the Remaking of a man blog so maybe I’ll cross post it maybe I won’t.  Yes I have multiple blogs….  Yes I am crap for keeping up with all of them…

I’m not a guru just a guy.  I don’t know a miracle way to lose weight and keep it off, I’ve struggled with my weight for going on 27 years now, that means my struggles began when I was 10.

This morning I was looking at CNN (I was listening to my Ipod on the bus but CNN was streaming on the TV screens) and a commercial came on for a very popular and very expensive weightloss system where they ship you the food and the pounds melt away.  It got me thinking.

BULLSHIT yes I called it BULLSHIT.

I hate programs that prey on people that are unhappy with their weight Just shy of 4K a year for everything that a $30ish book, time & Effort will give you the tools to do for life.  As a fat person I can use the term because I’m referring to myself – I understand that there is no miracle cure.   I take that back there is a miracle cure it’s willpower knowledge, and getting off your ass.  We didn’t get this way over night, we won’t get to our preferred size / weight overnight.  Bust that ass so it melts away.  Pills don’t work unless you do the work, and guess what doing the work works even without the freaking pills, sometimes better because your body isn’t fighting / processing the extra chemicals.  We can eat what we want, we may have to learn creative ways to make it so it is better for us but moderation is the key.  Six meals a day will help us lose weight better than three or less.  Now these aren’t six super big ass supersized McGreasejobs and a soda these are responsible / reasonable meals and snacks… I’m still trying to figure out what exactly responsible is too.  Don’t let the corporations make you think you / we can’t do this without their bullshit plans that bilk us out of thousands.  Save that cash bust your ass and then celebrate with a couple nights away with your love when you get to your goal.  Hey you save a couple grand this way that’s more than enough for a bottle of good wine /champagne and a couple nights at those high price motel notells with the waterfalls and hot tubs in the suites. And let me think for a few seconds – Prepackaged meal plan that I have to adhere to for it to  “work” or busting my ass saving money for a weekend of sex with my wife that other people have to clean up our messes…. Yeah I’m going for the sex filled weekend with my wife.  We have a toddler… They are very hard to come by nowadays.  Mostly I’m just tired of feeling fat and useless about my predicament, which is my own damned fault, with a little help from genetics.  But this is a battle that I can win when I choose to fight it.  I like many overweight people need to stop slackassing about it.  This isn’t a game it’s a life and death battle.  This shit is gonna fucking kill me if I don’t get it under control.  This is part of why I created remaking of a man.  And I have been slackassing about it.  I realized this morning watching a commercial for a several thousand dollar a year meal plan that the commercials for weight loss lie to us.  They all tell us that we can lose weight easily.  BULLSHIT Weight loss is a battle you will fight for the rest of your life.  If you don’t fight hard enough you will die, hopefully not on the toilet taking a dump like Elvis.  The corporations they make us think that if we can’t do this something is wrong with us…There is nothing wrong with us that WE cannot fix in ourselves.

It’s not an easy battle.  But look at your spouse and your kids, this is a battle to fight for them.  It’s something we need to do for those we love.

There are many things we can do differently in our everyday lives.  I’ve changed my commute so that I actually have to walk my chubby ass a mile a day well little over actually.  I actually get in to work sooner and feel better and have less stress through the day.  I have had more energy since this… which my wife appreciates because I help out more around the house and well other benefits when the kids are otherwise occupied…  My fat lazy ass was too tired to think about sex nearly as often as I should have and that put a strain on our marriage.  Now I need to start doing something a couple nights a week with the kids and my wife so that we all up our activity level and break away a little more from the idiot box…  Will I succeed or will I slackass it back into nothing.. I dunno but I’m not gonna find out until I try.  The only true failure is giving up after not succeeding.  I think I’m tired of Failing.