The World according to Rich

Getting back in the saddle again.

Back in the saddle trying to work on writing.

I plan on trying small. A hundred words here a few hundred there, and some little exercises to generate stuff to work on in the future.

Daily I plan to do a few small exercises to load up my toolbox for future projects.

So each day I want to come up with 3 First Names, 3 Surnames, and 3 Handles / Nicknames / Aliases. I also want to come up with 2 archetypes, 3 conflicts, 3 settings and 3 “what ifs”.

I also plan on when I have a long fiction product adding 350 words five days a week, and when I have short fiction projects adding 100 words 5 days a week.

I also plan on trying to be more active in blogging, so that I can keep words flowing, I plan on trying to do at least 3 posts a week. One on the state of my attempt to get back into writing, one dealing with causes, and the third could be either of the previous or something entirely random.


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