The World according to Rich

Need to fix my “Give A F***.”

Past couple years have not been conducive to writing. This last 18 months especially. Need to kick myself in the ass and actually write though, need to get back into the saddle and just do it even the days I don’t want to. Especially the days I don’t want to. That goes for doing my job,taking care of my home and vehicles, eating better, and exercising too. I’ve let a lot of things slip through the cracks because my give a fuck was busted.

Well it’s time to fix it.

For too long I let things that have gone wrong in my life and certain losses lie to me and tell me it’s okay to shut down and not do anything not care. To those that I’ve made promises that have kinda slipped by I’m sorry. I wallowed, and just as I was ready to get out of the wallow something else would come by and give me an excuse to sink back in and wallow more. I’m a grown man with responsibilities I need to tend to them, I need to tend to the obligations I’ve made.

If I’ve made a promise or a commitment and have not followed through and there is still time for me to do so let me know sorting out the mess I’ve allowed myself to make of everything will take time and left to trying to find it I may take a bit considering how horribly unorganized I’ve been for the past couple years.


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