The World according to Rich

It has Begun.

Okay been a while no excuses – I’ve just been busy and got distracted -500 Writer points for me. (as in negative/ minus points)

My new attempt at a novel has begun – Not very far into it haven’t even completed a scene finally found a starter opening.  Whether it remains as the opener or ends up changing later on time will tell.

Still working on hammering out my short story challenges to myself.  Still hammering out time to read as well as write.  but Accountability needs to start sometime.  And I’ve procrastinated long enough letting everything else come before my writing.  Well that keeps me in the wannabe column not the writer column I need to stop wanting to be and start doing.

First words for the Novel Attempt have been placed down in word… when budget nazi allows me I’ll upgrade to scrivener for windows – though in the interim I may jump over to space jock’s ywriter.

I may start going to the library after work for an hour or so a couple times a week so I can avoid the guilt trips I get for not playing with my youngest who barely gets to see me because of a 8.5 hour workday and a roughly 2.5 to 3 hour commute (each way leave about 5 am get home about 6:30 pm)

Back to accountability – Going to try to get back on the ball

Goals – Long Form >= 1667 words >= 5x / Week; Short Form 3 Shorts / week; Idea Bank 5 Ideas / day >= 4x/week; Short Story Challenge 1x week.

Goals means that’s where I want to end up at during this stage not where I’m starting at. Now for the mean time I think I’m going to attempt to start Short Story Challenge 1x Week, and >= 500 words 3x/week then build from there to meet my goals.

Which brings me back to my short story challenge and the details.  Still trying to figure out exactly how I want to handle that.  So in the meantime I’ll just attempt to get one posted each week until I can figure out a way to put the challenge more in the hands of others than me challenging myself.


One response

  1. Auspicious goals. Don’t hurt yourself. 😉

    July 23, 2012 at 1:28 pm

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