The World according to Rich

Still here Still dealing with Interviewing mayhem and kids.

Well Kid drama bit into thinking about writing this weekend, and anticipation waiting for more news / and my 2nd interview (this time with HR) ate into my actual writing time.


Still in the running or hopefully they wouldn’t waste my time and HRs setting up an interview with HR.  Means my nerves are shot waiting…  I don’t wait well.. I hated buymecrapmas and birthdays as a kid because I couldn’t wait to know what was in the pretty wrapped boxes.

I’m still scribbling ideas here and there just can’t stay focused on my actual writing.


Kids are having drama so therefore Mom and Dad have drama…  I love my kids but isn’t there a treatment for teenage drama.. like a fleadip but for drama… no one could hope where the hell is Ron Popeil when I need him?

Still trying to figure out what the limits need to be for my short story challenges.


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