The World according to Rich

Ass In Chair – Accountability and Weekly Challenge.

Greeting and hallucinations it’s been too damned long and it’s time to get off my ass and start posting again and working on my accountability.


Here’s my Current Goals


Long Form – 1667 Words a day 5x a week

Short Form 3 Shorts a week

Idea Bank 5/day 4x per week


I’ve Gotten a couple more Ideas over to the fine folx at Every Photo Tells One has been recorded and lets hope the other is up to muster and I’ll try to get a few more done before their Hiatus ends.  Which brings me to my next project.  In order to keep my ass motivated I need harassment and challenge that’s where I call on you.  If you’re interested in helping me please comment below.


I’m going to start doing a weekly Short Story Challenge.  Get a prompt and see what I can dash out.  I need to sit down and figure out what would be a fair challenge.  Word count, rating, etc.

I need Cheerers and I need Jeerers to prod my ass into getting shit done.  I don’t expect you to blow sunshine up my ass but I don’t need you to hand me my ass wrapped in a pretty pink bow with the word candy scrawled across it in pink frosting.


No excuses about the past it’s past.  I need to keep my head in the present and look to the future, and keep the past in mind to make sure I don’t fall in the same traps.  If you wish to help keep me accountable let me know here and harass me on twitter RAsplundJr!/Rasplundjr

Some out there have my email address and they can harass me there too.

I’ll try to post at the very least twice a week once with my progress about sticking to my goals (and face it it’s going to take time to get up to speed) and once to post up my weekly challenge.

For those that will help keep me on task and participate in this endeavor I say thank you in advance.  To those that choose not to hey no hard feelings, thanks for taking the time to read the post and if you read further updates hope you enjoy.



One response

  1. Greg

    I will be happy to poke you with a stick and keep you going. I know I need the same thing myself so you have my support.

    ‘Sharpens one end of a stick, looks at it… then turns it around’

    March 5, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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