The World according to Rich

Suckage and It’s Inevitability

or the alternative title –  Quit bitching and just write already!

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Oddly enough this was originally going to be a Google+ Post but it got lengthy so I thought I’d do something with one of my blogs that I’m too damned lazy to work on.

Trying to take a piece of advice from a Scott Sigler interview.  Basically advice was  – Write a crappy novel put it away for 6 months then come back to it.  See how bad it is and where you need to improve. – That is not to say write on purposefully to be crappy but face it we’re not freaking Mozart and things aren’t going to spring fully formed and perfect to our fingertips and into the computer – (or pen for those of us who still use them) – Similar advice is also given by the Mighty Mur LAfferty in that it’s okay to suck.  And also it’s echoed in  “There is no such thing as good writing, it’s good rewriting” and I have no Idea who originated that quote but I believe I read it in Joel Saltzman’s book on writing  – If You Can Talk You Can Write.

That said for a first attempt (okay so I’ve attempted MANY times and never finished but that’s a horse of another color) I don’t want to use any of my “Darling” Ideas – Because I don’t want them to suck.  But TFB I need to get over myself and realize that EVERYTHING is gonna suck in rough draft if it didn’t suck in rough draft then there would be no need for rewrites, and editors would be out of jobs.  So as far as editors are concerned I guess it makes them happy when we suck as long as we don’t suck to horribly and can improve.

Long story short quit bitching get writing – Lesson Attended – now lets see if I can learn this bitch.

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