The World according to Rich

Stage One Day Eleven – Scraps

More scraps from Nightshade… 600ish words today.

Dax was startled when his cell phone rang.  He had not realized that he was that close tot he surface that he actually was able to get signal again.  He grimaced and he glanced at the caller ID display and pressed the button for silence then ignore.  Best not take that call so close to “them”.  Dax knew that even though he could not see them he had company.  They never let humans get too far out of sight in there domain.  When he got surface side he would catch holy hell for putting his fiancée’s father on ignore, but the last thing he wanted is for them to be able to use Liz against him.  The kobolds in the inky blackness around him were not the kindly mischievous house spirits but rather their misshapen soulless brethren that lived in the mines and caves.  The only thing keeping the little monsters from killing Dax is that their master had use for him.

A screeching voice made him jump again.  “Run along human, your task has been given do not tarry here long less the master change his mind about safe passage.”  The little bastard even cackled at him.

Dax hated this deal, hated playing messenger between the surface and what his employer referred to as “downtown” a city under the streets of Chicago, beneath even the old rail tunnels beneath the upper city.  Two years ago Dax would have laughed at the thought of something so big being right under the noses of city above.  Monsters living so close to humans and nobody ever suspected it.  Dax would have told somebody if there was anyone that would not think he was off his nut.  What was worse is those that would not think he was insane, they would be in service just like him.  That means that his family would be in jeopardy.  Indentured servitude to a vampire was not the way he wanted to spend his life.  But if he did not do as he was told then his family would be slaves in undeath.  Dax trudged up the path that would lead him to the secret exit to the pedway trying to figure out a way to get out of this take his Ma and sister and Liz and just run to where the vampire could never find him.  Dax jumped as a hand touched his shoulder coming out of the secret door.

“You don’t look so good kid.”  The stranger grabbed Dax by the chin and turned his head back and forth looking over his face and neck.  “Nothing up top, I’ll take your word that there’s nothing down below if you give it.  Too jumpy to have been turned more than a couple days if you have been turned at all.  What business did you have with Barov kid?”

Dax gawked at the man standing there in a black duster, and sunglasses.  It was the middle of August and freaking hot and sweaty even here in the climate controlled pedway and why the hell was he wearing sunglasses underground at nine in the evening?  “None of your business freak… Wait you know Barov?”

“Crime lord leech and general asshat?  Yeah I know the bloated tick.  What I’m trying to figure out is if I have to tie you up and stick you back in the shaft, or whether I can count on you to keep your mouth shut go home pack and GTFO of dodge before his ‘people’ declare war.”

Dax backed up against wall. “War?”  He stared at the man.  “You’re going to start a war with vampires?”

Nightshade removed his sunglasses, the red light from his glowing eyes shone bright lighting the alcove in a blood red light.  “Not all of them.”


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