The World according to Rich

Stage One Day Nine – Scraps

One of my oldest story lines I have been juggling… this one is around 20 years give or take a couple – This is from my “My Brother’s Keeper” story line.  Basically the Green Hornet gone Fantasy – The greatest “threats” to the kingdom are actually Spies for the king, and princes of the realm…  I really do need to write it,

Xandar’s hand went to where his sword would have hung.  He cursed mentally forgetting that he was in court instead of on his boat.  He glared at the masked man as he passed by leading the king in chains.  The masked man nodded to the crossbowmen perched in the windows.  King Roland walked as if the kidnappers were nothing more than his normal elite bodyguard.  Xandar watched his brother march out of the audience hall in impotent rage.

“Any tricks and I will kill the king.  Know the Sea Wolf keeps his promises.”  The masked man swept low in a mocking bow.

Xandar swore to himself that he’d tear that mans throat out with his own teeth.  Not only dared he lay hands on his brother, but to pretend to be HIM while doing it.  The second the crossbowmen were gone Xandar sprang to action.  The herald was bowled over as Xandar ran from the room.  He called over his shoulder a quick, “Sorry Max!”  Not even stopping to see if his younger brother was alright.  Xandar knew he would be as good as trapped if he didn’t’ get out of the palace before she found him and put him in protective custody.  He wasn’t ready to be king just yet not when he might be able to stop his brother from being removed from the grounds.  She stepped from a side hall braced for impact and to take the prince down.  She was surprised when he seemed to run up the wall a couple steps and passed over her head tumbling down the hall she had just stepped out of.  He cursed softly to himself about having to do that in front of her.  Nobody was supposed to suspect him to be anything more than the king’s first younger brother, a merchant sailor and carefree fool.  Xandar knew that he would have to explain things to Elsa once she caught up with him.  As the Leader of the kings own personal guard she had practiced fighting with Xandar whenever he was in port, she had to make sure that the heir could defend himself if need be until King Roland chose a bride and started producing his own heirs.

Xandar burst into his royal apartment and grabbed his pack and his sword belts.  He was back out in the hallway strapping things into place in half a heartbeat.  And was gone long before the comely captain Daggerforge had a chance to search his rooms.  Xandar was still laughing to himself as two pikes crossed barring his progress down the hall.  Smart girl, Xandar thought to himself, he better be careful or he might just fall for a woman like that.

“Prince Xandar…” Elsa tried to start.

“Elsa how many times have I got to tell you damn the title just call me Xandar.”

“PRINCE Xandar,” Elsa began again emphasizing his title.  “You will be led back to your apartments to be kept under protective watch until either King Roland is returned, or you are crowned upon news of his death.”

“Elsa I’m sorry that it’s going to come to this, but an ass claiming to be the most feared pirate in these waters has my brother.  I have the fastest ship in these waters, I’ll be damned if I spend one second on that throne either as King or his Regent Absentia.  If you don’t get out of my way I’m really going to change the way you feel about me.”  Xandar shrugged and grinned.  “Damn too late.”  Before either of the two pikemen knew he’d moved they both lay slumped on the ground.  “I understand that you have your orders but what would have happened were I already at sea?  Peter?  Arik?  Maxmillian is already in the court, hell even young Elizabeth is here.  I have plenty of siblings that can play king until I get Roland back on the throne.  I do not have time for this foolishness.”


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