The World according to Rich

Stage One Day Eight – Scraps

Little bit of a head piece of a supporting character from my Hunter story – The one Featuring the werewolf hunter from a few days ago. – Here’s a glimpse at Thorn.

Brennan hugged the corner of the shower building.  The fucker shot at him.  All the arcane powers at his disposal and he uses a .22 come the fuck on and a silenced one at that.  From that range all it was going to do is piss him off seriously why not just throw the bullets at him.  Brennan looked down at Thorn the black wolf sat there peacefully looking up at Brennan.  “Anytime you want to help out feel free.”  The wolf just sat looking at him.  “Damn it Thorn do not even begin to pretend that you cannot understand what I am saying.”  The wolf got up and paced in the other direction.  “You are as pig headed as Elise, damned wolf.” He muttered under his breath peeking around the corner.  He forgot to account for her excellent hearing and did not see the nasty look the wolf shot back his way.

Thorn headed back to the trailer.  Damned stubborn man, why did he not bother to just tear the magus’s throat out when he had the chance.  Humans were such a bother.  Brennan Sheridan was more trouble than any ten humans combined.  Who would have thought a hunter that acted more human than the humans.  Thorn did not even realize that she had shifted to her own human form until she heard a resounding slap saw a woman taking turns glaring at her over a prone male and at the male at her feet.  Thorn kept walking like there was nothing wrong with taking a naked stroll through a campground.  She saw many of the human females cover the eyes of their young or throw or strike their mates.  Human customs would always be a mystery to Thorn she being brought up by a pack in wilds.  She was sure that Brennan would give her another lecture about modesty.  Thorn noticed their presence long before she acknowledged them, she could smell the foul liquor on their breath they made more noise than a whole herd of deer in flight from a hunting pack.

“Hey little lady looking for a good time?” one of them began to reach for her arm.  She’d spun on the man and had him on his knees her nails digging into his throat before he could finish reaching for her.

“Good Times? Yes I seek good times, but not with stinking omegas like you.”  Without looking back she placed a perfectly timed kick to the groin of the man’s friend that was going to attempt to take her from behind.

The man fell heavily to the ground unable to cry out in pain hardly able to breath with blood soaking the front of his jeans.  The other two men stopped in their tracks after they saw this mere slip of a girl burst their friend’s testicles with one perfectly placed unaimed kick.  “Lucky I made promise not to kill, but there is so much the human form can withstand before your kind dies.  Anyone else feel like touching me?”


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