The World according to Rich

Stage One Day Seven – Scraps

Going a little Non Traditional Fantasy here today – As per always This is rough unedited first draft stuff so it’s not pretty it’s just written – but tell me what you think so far…. According to word about 690 words…

Started as a Character sketch… might actually be part of a story

Wonder how obvious it is what I modeled Xan and his people off of.

Xan Silvertalon suDuvak to the Duvak Keriss Silvertalon, looked down the mountain to the lands that would one day be his to rule.  Xan wanted to launch himself into the air let the cold mountain wind catch his wings.  But he didn’t have time to dance the winds.  He had Duty to perform.  Xan wondered what the hell he was thinking when he agreed to serve in the guard.  As the eldest son of the Duvak he was exempt from service, but he had gotten a wild idea and ran with it.  This wasn’t the adventure he had sought.  This was nothing but hot sweaty drilling followed by more heat more sweat and more labor fortifying the villages against the Ghul horde that was ransacking most of the country further west.  The latest reports were the Ghul had taken towns as far inland as Duskwater, but that was still a month’s travel by land.  The Ghul destroyed the air skiffs when they took a city, which was fortunate for the rest of the land.  If the Ghul ever figured out that they could cover ground at thirty times their current rate the entire land would be under their rule.  Xan paused in his labor and wondered what the battle would look like when the Ghul reached the DrakenVald.  The fierce warriors of the Nordheim would not let the Ghul pass without an ugly fierce battle.  Xan was no coward but he feared the Ghul.  He knew they would be here before they were fully ready and some of the outlaying villages would be lost.  His heart hurt him for the shame of knowing the Duvak could easily call in all the outlying villages and towns and support them in the catacombs beneath the mount.  His ancestors have done it many times before.  Xan knew his father was a greedy man.  Ultimately he knew his disgust for his father is what led him to this.  He didn’t regret joining the guard; it was an honorable way to live.  Protecting the weak, defending his homeland, being the man that his father would not.  The flatlands to the west would prove to be little obstacle for the horde as it rolled through but their homes here in the Godslayer Mountains would  slow the Ghul, they would be stuck here past the freeze and they would take the villages to hole up in to weather the cold harsh winters.  Xan Stretched his leathery wings one last time before setting himself back to work.  If his father wouldn’t do what is right then it was his duty to help his people prepare for hell.  The Kai’rops had to be ready, after all they were not as powerfully built as the humans, and save for the Nordheim, the humans were no match for the ferocious Ghul horde.

Xan heard the cry, leaped into the air without thinking and flew as fast as his wings could carry him.  His well developed ears guiding him unerringly to the call for help.  He reached for his lance and realized that he was on fortification duty not guard duty when he heard the child’s shriek for help, he only had his short sword, which meant he had to go hand to hand.  Xan could hear others behind him taking wing to come to the child’s aid as well.  Xan managed to clear the last outcropping and could now see the small child cowering one wing broken with four goblins closing in for the kill.  Without waiting Xan flew right in the midst of the grey skinned fiends and wailed.  The high pitched noise was higher than the goblins could hear but the you didn’t need to hear a sound for it to work it’s terrible magic.  Three of the four goblins fell helplessly to the ground for some reason they were unable to figure out which way was up.  The fourth smiled wickedly and kissed a charm that hung around it’s neck.  Xan grimaced, it was a wingless bat on a copper chain.  Some kind of totem against his people’s natural weapon.  Apparently this goblin had fought his kind before.


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