The World according to Rich

Stage One Day Six –

Not 500 Words but I fulfilled my 3 days of 500 this week so I can slack ass some today… plus yesterdays was twice what I had to post so…..

Just Same Character s yesterday today is just an unrelated memory – character sketch headspace type entry

The werewolf launched itself at Brennan.  Brennan easily sidestepped the clumsy leap and grabbed the beast by the throat and slammed it against a tree.  “Pup, you do not want to test me.”  Brennan growled deep and low, a sound that no human throat could make.  “Fool I am a council appointed Hunter.”  The werewolf heard the capital in hunter.  The beast quickly shifted down to his human form.  Brennan held the fifteen year old boy still by the neck.  “Idiot boy, by the laws of the council I should kill you.  The Humans are not livestock, we do not hunt them.”  Brennan threw the young boy across the clearing.

“Why not we are superior to them!”  The boy crouched low ready to leap away if the hunter attacked.

“Because they out number us by billions.  We could take out fifty for each one of us and when it is all said and done we would be extinct and they would barely feel the dent.  We are a fly biting an elephant.”  Brennan turned from the boy.  “Leave now become a ronin, your pack will not take you back.  This is your only chance at life.

The boy leaped at Brennan’s back shifting into the terrible war form of the wolven nation, a thing of nightmare.  Brennan spun throwing his sliver knife.  The boy fell to the earth dead stuck midway between human and the war form.  Brennan spat on the corpse.  “I gave him the choice.”  Brennan stared at the boy’s dead body and shook his head in disbelief.  Too many of the young in the packs were going feral.  Losing themselves to the hatred of Mankind.  The elders were losing the war.  Soon the pups in their arrogance will bring the notice of mankind down on them.  Brennan drew his knife from the boy’s throat and howled in sorrow.  He knelt beside the corpse trying to find the words to explain to the pack’s leader that his son was dead.  Brennan shuddered how many more of the young were of this poor dead fool’s heart.  How many more children did Brennan have to kill?


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