The World according to Rich

Stage One Day Two – Scraps

Yeah it’s not 500, but it’s all I had time to come up with for now might come back to it later or just toss out another 200ish words in something else –

I hate to kill a man for bad manners, so I was glad when he took a shot at me.  I can’t believe that Domico Triatti had the balls to shoot at me.  I mean he had to figure that it wasn’t going to stop me, Hello undead hit man for the mob.  A Bullet isn’t gonna do jack but piss me off , well piss me off and make me have to take the money for a new shirt and jacket out of his ass.  I mean armani doesn’t exactly grow on trees.

Little Dom Dom shook in his boots.  After all how many times in your life do you come face to face with a hitman that wouldn’t, hell couldn’t die.  Now normally I’d have left this pissant alone and done the job and got the fuck out.  But the man ruined two hundred bucks of my wardrobe.  And hell I make good money, and don’t have too many expenses but I grew up in a poor neighborhood with the value of a penny beat into my ass, two hundred bucks is still two hundred bucks I didn’t have to spend before this fuck opened a clip into my chest.  The fuckin nerve of the guy.

“Dom, you little puke.  I almost let you live.  But you had to go shoot the Armani.  Granted it’s cheap Armani but still.  You know how much this shit costs?  I can’t just go about my business in a t-shirt and fucking jeans I have to dress nice.  Not only did you destroy two-hundred dollars worth of clothes but now I gotta go change out into something respectable when I hand your bosses fucking head over to my employer.  I’m gonna roll up to Don Vito with all kinds of holes in my fucking shirt?”  I hit Dom.  Hard.  Apparently too fucking hard as I put him through the plate glass window behind him.  I pulled my punch enough so that I didn’t kill him outright. But a falling piece of the glass stabbed him in the jugular and he bled out before I could finish taking it out of his ass.  That pissed me off even more I wanted that little asshole to pay for ruining my favorite fucking jacket.  It’s bad enough being undead and pardon the pun make a living.  But to look like a bum while doing it?


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  1. Keep it up dude!

    June 25, 2010 at 9:36 am

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